Esthemax Organic Facial Masks: Winner of multiple awards as the best in skincare

The Aestheticians' Choice Awards are one of the most respected awards in the aesthetics and skin care industry, and are given by professionals who vote for their favorite products in different categories.   

The Best Facial Masks category of the Aestheticians' Choice Awards is very competitive, as numerous companies submit their products for the award, making it complex for professionals to discern which products are the most effective and which are not so effective.   

Esthemax has been recognized in multiple industry awards, such as the Aestheticians' Choice Awards and the Dermascope Skincare Awards in 2022 and 2023, demonstrating the quality and efficacy of its products.   

In addition, at the ELLE Beauty Awards in Thailand, Esthemax's Hydrojelly Mask received the award for Best Mask for its incredibly effective Hydrojelly® formula, which is an organic powder mask that mixes only with water to form a smooth, refreshing texture that adheres perfectly to the skin. Hydrojelly Mask is available in a variety of formulas designed to treat different types of skin conditions and needs.   

The quality and efficacy of our products are important factors in the ever-evolving skin care industry, and professionals are increasingly spoiled for choice. Esthemax's victory in the Best Facial Masks category for the second year in a row is a clear sign that the company is doing an exceptional job in providing effective and sustainable solutions for its patients' skin conditions.  


What is your opinion on the importance of using eco-friendly and sustainable skin care products in your dermatological practice?   

If you want to offer your patients effective and sustainable solutions, Esthemax is the perfect choice.   

Join us and see the difference we can make in the health and appearance of your patients' skin! 

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