A Combination of Hydrojelly® + thermal mask is for when you want to surprise your client with a Exclusive or advanced facial treatment. Wait perfectly perfectly after the revelation.
You must allow 25 minutes for this part of your protocol and for the masks to do your work.

1. Begin your facial treatment with appropriate cleaning, exfoliation and rejuvenation modalities for maximum absorption.

2. Apply specific personalized sera for your client's skin concerns.

3. Apply your chosen Esthemax® Hydrojelly®.

4. Mix your ESTHEMAX® thermal mask with water and apply it directly on the chosen mask.

5. Allow you to settle and do the work for you during the next 20 minutes.

The thermal mask will rise slowly to between 40 and 50 degrees, then it will be slowly reduced to body temperature. This process allows a greater circulation and absorption of the sera and the assets of the mask.

After removal, a lovely way to finish would be with modalities such as sonophoresis, Ice Globes or Crystal Rollers for cooling / breeding effects.

Complete your facial treatment as you would normally.

Note: It is recommended that stay in the room with your client if is the first time you receive this type of treatment. A perfect time to release any tension in the neckline, shoulders, neck and scalp allowing a blood flow and nutrients without restrictions on the facial region.

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