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The facial rejuvenation protocol is indicated to treat the signs of skin aging. Its active ingredients provide regenerating, antioxidant, firming and lifting benefits.  


  • 1 Enzyme Powder 
  • 1 Contouring Face Mask 
  • 1 Skin Warrior Ageless 
  • 1 Cure Peptide Serum

First step: Enzyme Powder 

This step is essential to prepare the skin before any medical-aesthetic procedure. It helps to deeply cleanse the skin and dilate the pores to eliminate all impurities, including creams and makeup. In addition, its enzymatic components perform a superficial exfoliation of the stratum corneum eliminating dead cells. 
Active ingredients:  
  • Papain 
  • Allantoin
Second step: Contouring Face Mask 

This mask is formulated with Argilerine, a Hexapeptide 3 and 8 that acts at the level of the neuromuscular junction decreasing muscle contraction and repetitive movement. In this way it reduces fine expression lines. In addition, it contains allantoin, a keratolytic that promotes cell regeneration and provides moisturizing benefits.

Third step: Skin Warrior Agels Hydrojelly Mask  
It contains a refreshing formula infused with Ginseng, known for its soothing and moisturizing properties, Lotus flower which contains fatty acids, flavonoids and proteins, which help strengthen connective tissue and keep skin smooth and soft. It also contains Coenzyme Q10, a powerful antioxidant that helps neutralize the action of free radicals and reduces oxidative stress.

 Fourth step: Peptide Cure Serum 
Serum based on active ingredients that stimulate the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, improving skin tone and elasticity. Contains allantoin, argilerine, hyaluronic acid and avocado extract.

Application mode:

Step 1:
  • Mix 2.5 g of Enzyme Powder (1/2 measuring cup) with 5 ml of water (full measuring cup).  
  • Mix for 1 minute until foamy. 
  • Apply all over the face with a fan brush and massage. 
  • Leave on for 7 minutes.  
  • Remove the product with a damp cloth or gauze.
* For sensitive skin, leave on for 5 minutes and remove.

Step 2:
  • Mix 5 gr. of Contouring Face Mask (full measure) with 2.5 ml of water (1/2 measure), until a fluid consistency is obtained. 
  • Apply the product on face and neck in an ascending way, going over expression lines on: Forehead, between the eyebrows, vertical lip lines, periorbicular lines and facial furrows (Nasojugal, Nasolabial, Nasogenian).   
  • Allow to dry and act for 10 minutes. 
  • Moisten the face until the tension is released, then remove with a damp cloth or gauze.
Step 3: 
  • Mix 50g of Skin Warrior Ageless Hydrojelly Mask with 40ml of water to a gel consistency. 
  • Apply to the surface of the skin to be treated, spreading the mixture evenly. Be sure to leave a thick layer on the outer edges of the mask. 
  • Leave on for 15- 20 minutes. 
  • Lift the edges and remove the mask in one step.
Step 4: 
- Apply 3-4 drops on the treated area, and massage until completely absorbed.  

* You can penetrate the serum with galvanic current or high frequency equipment.


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