Esthemax® Masks: A Cruelty-Free Beauty

In recent years, patients' ethical and sustainable awareness has increased, leading to a greater demand for ethical and sustainable beauty products. 

 The problem is that many dermo-cosmetic products involve animal testing and have a negative impact on the environment. For this reason, more and more specialists are looking for ethical and sustainable alternatives for the practice of specialized clinical protocols for skin care and the treatment of their patients' skin conditions. 


In turn, the organic dermo-cosmetic products we develop at esthemax® have been created with a Cruelty-Free safety parameter, meaning that our products have not been tested on animals and do not have a negative impact on the environment, thus earning a reputation for offering high quality and ethically conscious products. esthemax® uses organic active ingredients in the masks and the brand prides itself on offering conscious and sustainable skin care products.


rabbit2 Ultimately, cruelty-free certification is important for consumers who want to be sure that the products they buy do not cause harm to animals. By choosing products with these characteristics, consumers are supporting a more environmentally friendly skin care industry.


"As a skin doctor, what is your opinion on the importance of choosing cruelty-free skin care products and what do you think are the benefits to the skin and to society in general of choosing products that have not been tested on animals?" 

This question could lead to a deeper reflection on the importance of ethics in the production of skin care products and the relationship between skin care and animal welfare. As Medical Specialists in the aesthetic sector, you can differentiate yourself from the market by supporting companies that are committed to ethical and sustainable production, such as the one we have in esthemax®. In addition, to stand out by choosing cruelty-free products that are not only good and effective for the skin, but also for the environment and society in general. 

Join the growing community of professionals who choose ethical and sustainable dermo- cosmetic products and support our mission to make skin care a healthy and conscious experience. 

Organic and ethical skin care with esthemax®!  

#CrueltyFree Products  


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