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A new generation of peel-off masks enhanced with pure marine algae, actives and new electrolyte technology.

Its formula is in powder form and is activated only with water. As the water mixes with the powder, it forms a liquid "jelly" that is applied to the area to be treated. After approximately 15 to 20 minutes, our Hydrojelly Mask solidifies, creating a vacuum seal that propels all the beneficial active ingredients into the pores of the skin promoting their absorption. Once the mask solidifies, it can be removed leaving little or no residue.

Our Hydrojelly Masks are organic and contain electrolytes to help increase the skin's ability to retain moisture and improve overall skin health. These masks themselves are a delight, and unlike most facial masks can be applied over the eyes and lips.

Upon applying the masks you immediately feel their soothing and refreshing properties leaving the skin hydrated, smooth and glowing.


- 1 application per sachet.


- 15 Hydrojelly Mask.


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