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The depigmenting protocol includes:

1 (one) Enzyme Powder: It is a cleaner made for sensitive skin that generates a deep and delicate cleaning of the skin, through a slight chemical exfoliation. Use the combination of two active enzymes (antoin and papain) that degrade dead skin cells and other impurities.

1 (one) Vitamin Cream face maskFormulated with alpha-arbutin, vitamin C and grapefruit extract to help improve uneven complexion by inhibiting tyrosinase activity to give an even complexion by reducing melanin production. Grapefruit extract has restorative properties that help even tone and stimulate collagen production. 

1 (one) vitamin C cure serum:It is ideal to control and reduce skin hyperpigmentation by containing pure encapsulated vitamin C that is gradually released.

2 (two) Brighting ComplexHydrojelly Mask:
  • Reduce skin pigmentations and clarify skin tone.
  • Limits melanin overproduction.
  • Inhibits tyrosinase synthesis.
  • Brightens the skin.

1.  Enzyme Powder

Face: Add 1/2 scoop of powder and 1/2 scoop of water.
Face and neck: Add 1 scoop of powder and 1 scoop of water.
  • Mix vigorously until foamy consistency is obtained.
  • Apply on face
  • Leave on for 5-7 minutes.
  • Remove with water.
  • Vitamin C cream face mask
  • Apply the mask evenly to the skin after cleansing.

2. Vitamin C Cream face mask
  • Apply the mask homogeneously on the skin after cleaning.

  • Leave the mask for about 10 minutes to take effect before cleaning it with a sponge or a wet towel.

3. Vitamin C Cure Serum
  • Apply 1.5 ml to face and neck until completely absorbed.

4. Hydrojelly Mask 
  • Mix 50 ml of the product with 40 ml of water.
  • Apply On the skin surface to be treated.
  • Leave on 20 minutes and remove